Photo: Renée Henriksson

Create your own life

One of our most powerful tools is the Law of Attraction. A gift from the Universe, which we need to use.
It is necessary for us to understand how the Law of Attraction works in order to be able to create our lives. What we send out comes back to us.

* Is it right to think that you are in a happy relationship when you’re not? Answer: No.

* Does it work to think that you are rich if you’re not? Answer: No.

* Does it work to wish for exactly what we desire? Answer: Yes, but are you wishing for what’s best for you? Or could there be something even better?
We do not even have to focus on what we believe that we need, or desire to attract in our lives. When we remain at a high frequency in all areas of our lives, the universe will reply on the same frequency. That means that you won’t attract anything in your life that’s at a lower frequency. Not in any circumstances.

* How do we handle adversity??
Answer: We hold our frequency!! If you react ”negatively”, you will create the same situation over and over again.

We must learn not to lie to ourselves. We cannot lie to the energies: the energies will respond at the vibration that you hold.

And that is not always easy, because there are so many other things that affect our frequency and our energy system. For example, cellular memories and blood memories. This is where Clear Balance comes into the picture. When the system is free of oppressive burdens, you will find it easier to stay at your frequency and use the Law of Attraction in an optimal way.


Wictoria have done this journey and experienced the results in her life. Wictoria will be happy to come for lectures and workshops to share her nexperience and inspire as many as possible.

While we are raising our own frequency, we contribute to the raising of the global frequency, which is essential for making global development, go in the right direction.