What is Clear Balance?

Clear Balance is a method of treatment where we work with highly intelligent, high-frequency energy. In October 2014, Wictoria Persson channelled the energy during one of her treatment sessions.

During the treatment the therapist will channel the traumas, cellular memories and blood memories of the client. This means that the system of the client becomes clean. The client is then able to enter an entirely new phase of life with new possibilities that where not within reach before.

Clear Balance is a water energy, and as we already noted, it is highly intelligent and knows exactly how everything works at all levels. There has never before been the possibility of working with such a highly intelligent energy that clears our systems on all levels in the way Clear Balance does. Now, the Law of Attraction being so powerful, we need new, fresh ground to stand on. That’s what Clear Balance has to offer.


How and why is that possible now?

Previous modes of treatment and healing have been limited to the laws and rules of their times. Until now, we have needed to work with and face our karma, and a total reset of the systems has not been permitted. We have been required to stay inside certain frames of reference. Also, the frequency and consciousness of the human being has not reached a level sufficiently high for channelling and working with the energy in a pure and high-frequency manner.

In April and May 2014, the beaming of Rainbow Energy to Earth began. This meant that even that very summer, the plants of nature began upgrading their energy systems to the Rainbow Aura. And in autumn, August and September, the first Rainbow Children was born.

In December 2014, all human beings were forced to move their energy from their head to their heart. EVERYBODY! Not just the Crystal Children or those who had made a conscious decision to upgrade their energy systems. The energy of ALL human beings were moved, from the brain to the heart.

On the 4th of April 2015, karma was deleted for everyone. Even before that, we did have the option of becoming free of karma by consciousness-raising treatments, but now ALL human beings are non-karmic. This means that we are free to focus on our Dharma, which in principle is the only pre-ordained thing in our lives.

What is the difference between clear balance and earlier modes of treatment?

Healing means making healthy. The word healing is often used in psychic contexts and as a term for energy treatments. But healing energy is actually present wherever there is love.

Some people have known how to channel and transmit the energies of the universe for healing and helping humans and animals. The therapist in such cases was able to provide the client with healing and with information on how to make the client’s energy system work better. The therapist or healer has transmitted energy that heals the aura and the body, and in some cases also upgraded the client’s energy system. But not all healers have understood the difference between transmitting the energies of the universe and giving of their own energy. The optimal solution, of course, was to transmit healing energies from the universe, but even when a healer transmits healing energies, some traces of the healer’s energies will enter the client’s system. If the healer’s energy is clean, that’s fine. But how do we know? Even the best of healers will have unresolved issues. The healer needs to be on a higher level of consciousness than the client, lest the healer lock the client at a lower level than the client actually is on. Even here, major mistakes have been made over the years. We’re not saying that healing hasn’t been a good thing. Because it often was, BUT, now, as we see how Clear Balance energy works, we see the difference. Clear Balance works in a entirely different way. Clear Balance has corrected what was less than optimal in other modes of treatment.

 During a Clear Balance treatment, the therapist channels the traumas of the client without adding energy. As the client releases oppressive energies, spaces are cleared in the client. That means that the client can automatically retrieve his or her own energies to replenish the system. This means that the treatment is pure, clear and unaffected by the energies of the therapist. The Clear Balance energy will automatically set the frequency of the client and maximize the consciousness of the client. This means that it makes no difference if the client is on a higher level of consciousness that the therapist, because the Clear Balance energy in itself is at the highest level of consciousness.